Friendship Messages For Ex Girlfriend

Human relationships come in different shapes and sizes, and one that can be quite complicated is that with an ex-girlfriend. Breakups are tough, and navigating the territory after the fact can be equally challenging. However, if you still care about your ex-girlfriend and want to ease the tension between you both, sending her friendship messages can be a great way to do so. Not only do these messages show that you’re ready to bury the hatchet, but they also convey that you still value her presence in your life.

Friendship messages for an ex-girlfriend don’t have to be overly complicated or lengthy. A few simple words of encouragement or appreciation can go a long way in rebuilding your relationship. Whether it’s through text message, email, or even handwritten notes, these messages can lay the foundation for a renewed bond between you and your ex-girlfriend. Ultimately, sending friendship messages to an ex-girlfriend requires a level of maturity and respect. It’s important to acknowledge your past mistakes and move forward with a positive attitude towards building a meaningful friendship.

Friendship Messages for Ex Girlfriend

1. Even though we parted ways, your friendship is immeasurable in my life.

2. You were a friend before my girlfriend and despite that, you will always remain a friend I can call.

3. I want you to know that our breakup did not break our friendship.

4. You have been a part of my life for so long, and I cherish the times we spent together.

5. I hope our friendship continues to thrive, despite the complications of our past.

6. I am grateful for all the moments you brightened my life, even after we broke up.

7. The bond of our friendship is one that will outlast any romantic connection between us.

8. I hope we can continue to be there for each other in the same effortless way we always have.

9. Let’s focus on the positive and put any negativity that may have existed behind us.

10. I value your friendship more than anything else, and I hope you feel the same.

11. You have a special place in my heart because of our history together.

12. Our relationship may have ended, but our friendship will never fade away.

13. You have always been a good friend, and I’m glad that the romance didn’t change that.

14. You were an amazing girlfriend, but an even better friend.

15. I hope our friendship grows stronger as time passes.

16. I’ll always be there for you, just like you have been there for me.

17. Your friendship is something I cannot lose or replace.

18. Our relationship didn’t work out, but our friendship will always be a bright spot in my life.

19. Time heals all wounds, and our friendship continues to heal and thrive.

20. I’m grateful for the memories we shared and the friendship that remains.

21. I pray that our friendship continues to blossom into something beautiful.

22. Our breakup did not destroy our friendship; it gave us a chance to know each other better.

23. You will always have a special place in my heart because of the bond we shared.

24. I still care for you deeply, but as a friend.

25. Though we may not be romantic anymore, your friendship is worth more than anything else.

26. Our friendship is a testament to the beauty of second chances.

27. I believe in second chances when it comes to our friendship.

28. I hope we can look back on our past and be proud of how we’ve grown as individuals and friends.

29. You are a treasure in my life, and I wouldn’t trade our friendship for anything.

30. I hope we continue to support each other through thick and thin, as true friends do.


1. What are some examples of friendship messages that I can send to my ex-girlfriend?

Answer: Some examples of friendship messages you can send to your ex-girlfriend include wishing her a great day, sharing a funny meme or video, congratulating her on accomplishments, or simply asking how she’s doing.

2. Is it okay to maintain a friendship with my ex-girlfriend through text messages?

Answer: Yes, it is perfectly fine to maintain a friendship with your ex-girlfriend through text messages. As long as both parties are comfortable with it and set clear boundaries, maintaining a platonic relationship through messaging can be a positive experience.

3. How often should I text my ex-girlfriend for a friendship message?

Answer: The frequency of your messages should depend on your individual friendship dynamic. It’s best to avoid excessive messaging, but reaching out periodically to check in and share updates is usually a good way to maintain a connection.

4. Should I avoid flirting with my ex-girlfriend in friendship messages?

Answer: Yes, it’s important to avoid flirting with your ex-girlfriend in friendship messages. This can send mixed signals and potentially harm the friendship. Sticking to platonic messages will help maintain healthy boundaries and respect your ex-girlfriend’s emotions.

5. What should I do if my ex-girlfriend doesn’t respond to my friendship messages?

Answer: If your ex-girlfriend doesn’t respond to your friendship messages, it’s important to accept her decision and respect her boundaries. Avoid sending multiple messages or pressuring her to respond. It’s best to give her space and let her reach out when she’s ready.


As we conclude our discussion on friendship messages for ex-girlfriends, it’s important to remember that every situation is unique. Whether you choose to maintain a friendship with your ex or not, communication is key in any relationship. It’s important to be respectful and considerate of each other’s feelings. A simple message, whether it’s just a friendly hello or a heartfelt apology, can go a long way in rebuilding a friendship after a breakup. Always evaluate your reasons for reaching out and ensure that your intentions are sincere. Remember, a true friendship requires effort and commitment from both parties, so be willing to listen, compromise, and forgive. Good luck in your journey towards friendship with your ex-girlfriend!

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