Short Diwali Messages

Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India and is also known as the “Festival of Lights”. It is a time when people come together to celebrate the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. As the festival draws closer, people start preparing for the celebrations that involve lighting up their homes with candles, diyas, and colorful lights. They also exchange gifts and sweets with their loved ones and participate in various cultural activities.

One of the most popular customs of Diwali is the exchanging of short messages and greetings. People send messages to their friends and family members to convey their warm wishes and pray for their wellbeing. These short Diwali messages are an excellent way to connect with loved ones, no matter how far they may be. The messages are sent via SMS, WhatsApp, or social media platforms, and often feature colorful images and videos. This practice brings people closer together and helps to promote unity and harmony among different communities.

Short Diwali Messages

Diwali is a significant Hindu festival celebrated in India and various other parts of the world. This festival occurs annually and is also known as the festival of lights.

The word Diwali is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Deepavali’ which means ‘row of lights’. The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil as is symbolized by the lighting of diyas (traditional oil lamps) in homes, streets, and public places.

The festival also involves various other traditional practices such as rangoli (decorative designs made on the floor using colored powder), bursting of fireworks, and sharing of sweets and gifts.

Celebrating Diwali is a great occasion to send warm and heartfelt messages to friends and family. Here are some short Diwali messages that can be used for this purpose:

• Wishing you a joyous and prosperous Diwali!

• May the festival of lights bring you happiness and contentment.

• This Diwali, let the light illuminate your life with peace and prosperity.

• May the beauty of the festival of lights fill your home with happiness and joy.

• Happy Diwali! May the fragrance of the diyas spread love and warmth in your life.

• Wishing you a Diwali filled with success, happiness, and prosperity.

• May the brightness of the diyas bring light and prosperity to your life this Diwali.

• On this auspicious occasion, may your life be filled with love, happiness, and success.

• Celebrate this Diwali with a heart full of love and light. Wishing you and your family a very happy Diwali.

• May you have a beautiful and memorable Diwali with your loved ones.

In conclusion, Diwali is a festival that is celebrated worldwide with great enthusiasm. It is a time to renew friendships, celebrate family bonds, and spread love and joy. So, go ahead and send those short Diwali messages to your loved ones to make this festival even more special!


1. What are some short Diwali messages to share with friends and family?
Answer: “Wishing you all a happy and prosperous Diwali filled with love, light, and joy!” or “May the festival of lights bring happiness and positivity into your life!”

2. What is the significance of Diwali?
Answer: Diwali is a festival of lights that marks the victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. It is celebrated to honor Lord Ram’s return to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile and defeat of demon king Ravana.

3. What are the traditional ways to celebrate Diwali?
Answer: The traditional ways to celebrate Diwali include lighting diyas and candles, decorating the house with rangolis and flowers, offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, bursting crackers, and enjoying delicious sweets and snacks with family and friends.

4. How can I make my Diwali message more meaningful?
Answer: You can make your Diwali message more meaningful by expressing your gratitude, wishing good health and success, and spreading positivity and happiness. You can also share a personal story or memory to make it more heartfelt.

5. Can I send Diwali messages internationally?
Answer: Yes, you can send Diwali messages internationally through various messaging apps, social media platforms, or email. However, make sure to consider the time difference and check if your message is culturally appropriate for the recipient’s country.


Diwali is a special time of the year where we come together to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, and the beauty of light over darkness. Short Diwali messages are a wonderful way to express our love and best wishes to our loved ones. Whether through a simple text message or a heartfelt card, these messages serve as a reminder of the love and positivity that flows through us during this festive season. So let’s spread joy and happiness this Diwali by sharing these short messages of hope and light. Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

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