Sinkie Day Wishes

Sinkie Day is a national day in Singapore which is celebrated on the 9th of August each year. It is a day of immense pride for every citizen of Singapore as it marks the country’s independence from Malaysia in 1965. The day is celebrated with great pomp and show, including parades, fireworks, and national flag-raising ceremonies. This day is not only a public holiday, but it also symbolizes the strength, resilience, and unity of the entire nation.

On this day, people gather with their family and friends to engage in various activities and events that celebrate the country’s independence. As the celebrations commence, people send their warm wishes and greetings to their loved ones. Many also take this opportunity to express their immense gratitude towards the country and its leaders. Sinkie Day wishes convey sincere appreciation for the nation, its culture, and its people. With every wish, the citizens of Singapore emphasize their love and loyalty towards their beloved country.

Sinkie Day Wishes

1. Wishing all fellow Singaporeans a very happy and prosperous Sinkie Day!
2. May this special day bring happiness, peace and good fortune to all Singaporeans.
3. Proud to be a Singaporean! Here’s wishing everyone a memorable Sinkie Day celebration!
4. Let’s come together as one community to celebrate the rich heritage and culture of Singapore on Sinkie Day.
5. On this Sinkie Day, let’s honor our past, cherish the present, and dream big for the future!
6. Happy Sinkie Day to all Singaporeans! May we continue to strive for excellence and progress.
7. What a wonderful day to celebrate our nation! Happy Sinkie Day to all my fellow Singaporeans!
8. May the spirit of patriotism and unity shine bright on this Sinkie Day!
9. This Sinkie Day, let’s reflect on how far we’ve come as a nation and be grateful for our achievements.
10. Wishing all Singaporeans a fulfilling Sinkie Day, filled with joy, love, and prosperity.
11. On this special day, let’s take pride in our cultural diversity and show appreciation for other races and creeds.
12. Happy Sinkie Day! May our country always be blessed with peace, harmony, and progress.
13. Let’s come together on this Sinkie Day to celebrate our unique identity as Singaporeans!
14. Sending warm wishes to all Singaporeans on this joyful occasion of Sinkie Day!
15. On this Sinkie Day, let’s pledge to work towards building a better, more inclusive society for all.
16. Wishing all my fellow Singaporeans a happy and healthy Sinkie Day!
17. May the spirit of patriotism and loyalty towards our nation grow stronger on this Sinkie Day!
18. On this Sinkie Day, let’s give thanks to all who contributed to Singapore’s success and progress.
19. Happy Sinkie Day to all Singaporeans around the world! Keep flying our flag high with pride!
20. Let’s keep striving for excellence and never forget the core values that make us Singaporeans! Happy Sinkie Day!
21. On this Sinkie Day, let’s appreciate the beauty of our country’s culture, traditions, and customs.
22. Wishing all Singaporeans a wonderful Sinkie Day filled with joy, love, and laughter!
23. Let’s come together with our families and friends to celebrate the spirit of Singapore on this Sinkie Day!
24. Happy Sinkie Day! Let’s work together to preserve our unique heritage and pass it down to future generations.
25. May this Sinkie Day bring new opportunities, prosperity and success to all Singaporeans.
26. Let’s stand united as one nation and continue to write the success story of Singapore on this Sinkie Day.
27. Wishing all Singaporeans a memorable and enjoyable Sinkie Day filled with unforgettable moments!
28. On this Sinkie Day, let’s take pride in our identity as Singaporeans and pledge to keep our nation strong.
29. Happy Sinkie Day to all my fellow Singaporeans! Let’s take a moment to appreciate our beautiful country and its people.
30. May the spirit of Singapore always live on in the hearts of every Singaporean! Happy Sinkie Day!


1. What is Sinkie Day?
Sinkie Day is a term coined in Singapore that refers to the celebration of being single. It is commonly celebrated during Valentine’s Day as a way to empower and embrace being single, rather than lamenting over not being in a relationship.

2. How can I wish my single friends a Happy Sinkie Day?
You can wish your single friends a Happy Sinkie Day by sending them thoughtful messages, organising a get-together or sending them a surprise delivery of their favourite treats.

3. Is Sinkie Day only meant for singles?
Yes, Sinkie Day is a celebration exclusively for singles. It is not meant to be celebrated with couples or people in romantic relationships.

4. What are some fun ways to celebrate Sinkie Day?
There are many ways to celebrate Sinkie Day. You can treat yourself to a spa day, go on a solo adventure, have a movie marathon or even throw a party with other single friends.

5. Why is it important to celebrate being single on Sinkie Day?
Celebrating being single on Sinkie Day is important as it helps break the stigma surrounding being single. It allows people to embrace their independence and celebrate their self-worth without the need for a partner.


As we celebrate Sinkie Day, let us spread the spirit of love, unity, and harmony towards everyone around us. Let’s channel our inner child and make a wish for our loved ones, our nation, and ourselves. May we continue to cherish the important values that Singapore stands for and work together to build a better future. Happy Sinkie Day!

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