Ugadi Wishes For Lover

Ugadi, also known as the Telugu New Year, is one of the most significant festivals in South India. This auspicious day marks the beginning of a new year, according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar. People usually celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and excitement by performing traditional rituals, cleaning and decorating their homes, preparing special delicacies, and exchanging greetings and wishes with their loved ones. Ugadi wishes hold a special place in the hearts of many as it is an opportunity to express affection and love towards their significant others.

For lovers, Ugadi can be an ideal occasion to showcase their love and commitment towards each other. It is a perfect moment to express how much they cherish and value their beloved’s presence in their life. Ugadi wishes for lovers can be romantic and heartfelt, conveying warmth, love, and affection. This festive day is celebrated with great fervor by couples who exchange lovely messages, gifts, and make unforgettable memories.

Ugadi Wishes for Lover

1. Wishing you a very Happy Ugadi my love! May this auspicious occasion bring you much success and happiness.
2. May this Ugadi bring new beginnings and great prosperity to our relationship. Happy Ugadi!
3. I wish you a plentiful harvest of love and happiness on this Ugadi festival. Happy Ugadi!
4. May this Ugadi mark the beginning of a new journey filled with love, togetherness, and prosperity.
5. Let this Ugadi rejuvenate our love and fill our hearts with bliss and harmony. Happy Ugadi!
6. Wishing you joy and success in everything that you do as we celebrate the Ugadi festival my love.
7. May this Ugadi bless our relationship with peace, love, and good fortune. Happy Ugadi wishes for my beloved!
8. As we celebrate the advent of New Year together, may our love for each other grow in leaps and bounds. Happy Ugadi!
9. May this Ugadi bring you and me both the gift of everlasting love. Happy Ugadi, my love!
10. Happy Ugadi my dear! May this festival shower you with happiness, health and wealth throughout the year.
11. Wishing you a Happy Ugadi! Let the sweetness of this festival bring harmony and prosperity in our relationship.
12. May the joy and cheer of the Ugadi festival fill your heart with happiness and love always.
13. Let’s celebrate the onset of spring and renewed hope on the auspicious day of Ugadi! Happy Ugadi wishes for my love!
14. May the blessings of Lord Brahma and Lord Narasimha bring joy and success to you and our relationship this Ugadi.
15. May this Ugadi mark the beginning of new hopes, dreams, and aspirations for our relationship. Happy Ugadi my love!
16. Wishing you a blessed and prosperous Ugadi. May our love always be in full bloom!
17. Happy Ugadi my dear! May this new year bring abundant love, luck, and happiness for both of us.
18. May the sweetness of Ugadi fill our hearts with love, compassion and togetherness. Happy Ugadi to my beloved!
19. Wishing you and our relationship abundant joy, love, and success on the special occasion of Ugadi. Happy Ugadi my love!
20. May the divine grace of Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswati bring prosperity and happiness to our relationship on this Ugadi festival.
21. Happy Ugadi my dear! May this festival fill your life with new hopes, dreams, and success.
22. May this Ugadi be the beginning of a new journey filled with love, loyalty and devotion to each other. Happy Ugadi to my love!
23. May the colors of Ugadi brighten our lives with new beginnings, joy, and endless love. Happy Ugadi to my beloved!
24. I wish you a joyful and prosperous Ugadi, my love, filled with love and harmony.
25. May this Ugadi pave the way for our everlasting love and togetherness. Happy Ugadi wishes for my beloved!
26. May the fruits of your hard work and perseverance be as sweet as the Ugadi pachadi. Happy Ugadi to my love!
27. Wishing you a year filled with boundless love, joy, and success as we celebrate this auspicious Ugadi festival.
28. As we celebrate this Ugadi festival, let us embrace the beauty of our love and cherish it forever. Happy Ugadi to my love!
29. May this Ugadi festival bring new hope, new experiences, and more love in our lives. Happy Ugadi to my beloved!
30. Let this Ugadi festival mark the beginning of a new chapter filled with deeper love and commitment. Happy Ugadi wishes for my love!


1. What are some romantic Ugadi wishes for my lover?
– Some romantic Ugadi wishes for your lover could be “May this new year fill your life with love and happiness. Happy Ugadi, my love!” or “I wish our love to blossom like the new flowers of spring. Happy Ugadi, my dear!”

2. How can I make my Ugadi wishes more special for my partner?
– You can make your Ugadi wishes more special by personalizing them with your partner’s name and including some heartfelt words expressing your love and appreciation for them.

3. Is it necessary to give a gift along with Ugadi wishes for my lover?
– No, it is not necessary to give a gift along with Ugadi wishes for your lover, but if you want to make it extra special, you can consider gifting something thoughtful like a bouquet of flowers or a sweet treat.

4. Can I send Ugadi wishes for my lover through email or social media?
– Yes, you can send Ugadi wishes for your lover through email or social media. It is a convenient way to express your love and make your partner feel special.

5. How can I celebrate Ugadi with my lover?
– You can celebrate Ugadi with your lover by preparing traditional dishes, wearing new clothes, exchanging gifts and wishes, and spending quality time together. You can also consider attending local Ugadi events or festivals.


As we celebrate the auspicious occasion of Ugadi, let us take a moment to express our love and appreciation for our significant other. Let us wish them a happy and prosperous New Year filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. May this Ugadi strengthen the bond between you and your lover and bring you both closer together. Let us cherish every moment together and create memories that will last a lifetime. Happy Ugadi to you and your beloved!

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