World Cider Day Wishes

World Cider Day is an annual celebration that takes place on the third Saturday of June. This day is a beautiful opportunity for cider lovers from all around the world to come together, raise a glass of their favourite cider, and celebrate the art and craft of cider making. World Cider Day is a special day to commemorate the rich history, tradition, and culture of cider making that has been passed down for centuries.

Cider is a fermented alcoholic drink made from the juice of apples. It has a long and intriguing history, dating back to ancient Europe, where it was consumed by many people as a common drink. Nowadays, cider has become more than just a drink; it’s a culture and a way of life for many people. World Cider Day is a day to celebrate the diversity and creativity of the cider making industry and to raise awareness about this delicious drink. So, let’s raise a glass, say cheers, and enjoy the sweetness of cider on this splendid occasion!

World Cider Day Wishes

1. Happy World Cider Day! May your glass be filled with delicious cider and surrounded by friendship and celebration.
2. On this special day, let us raise our glasses to the hardworking cider makers around the world who bring us the best sips of joy.
3. Cheers to the joy of community and celebration that cider brings! Wishing you a delightful World Cider Day.
4. May the taste of every sip of cider remind you of the beauty and diversity of the world we live in – Happy World Cider Day!
5. Celebrate the traditions and diversity of cider culture around the globe today – wishing you a wonderful World Cider Day!
6. Here’s to those who love cider, and to those who are yet to discover this amazing drink. May you have a fantastic World Cider Day!
7. Raise your glass to world-class ciders, unique flavors, and the people who make them. Let’s celebrate World Cider Day together.
8. Today, we celebrate the sublime taste, creativity, and hard work that goes into every bottle of cider. Happy World Cider Day!
9. Toast to the many cider festivals, cider lovers, and cider makers around the world. Let’s make this World Cider Day a special one!
10. May the scent of cider’s apple orchards and crisp taste fill your senses with happiness today, on World Cider Day.
11. Happy World Cider Day to you! May your palate be fresh with the taste of exceptional ciders from around the world!
12. The cider is ready, and so are the revelers! Let’s share, connect and enjoy the moment on this World Cider Day.
13. The world’s crisp, juicy apples are a stunning reminder of the unique flavor of cider we all treasure. Happy World Cider Day!
14. Here’s to the art and science of making cider and the significant role it plays in the world’s rich, diverse cultures. Happy World Cider Day!
15. Celebrate every sunset, every harvest, and every great batch of cider on this special World Cider Day!
16. To the cider maker working tirelessly to bring us refreshing cider flavors, Happy World Cider Day, and thank you for all you do!
17. Let’s connect through cider flavors and celebrate World Cider Day with joy, friendship, and community.
18. Raise your glass to the cider varieties and cidersmiths that make the world go round – Happy World Cider Day!
19. Today, we celebrate and honor the cider makers, cider enthusiasts, and cider traditions that weave together the rich tapestry of the world. Happy World Cider Day.
20. May the spirit of friendship, joy, and celebration find us today as we toast to the world’s most beloved drink, cider.
21. On the World Cider Day, let’s savor every sip, appreciate every moment, and cherish the company of those we love.
22. Light up your taste buds with the deliciousness of cider on this World Cider Day. Wishing you abundant happiness and joy.
23. Every bottle of cider is a symbol of the shared traditions and history of a community. Let’s honor and celebrate that culture today on World Cider Day.
24. May today’s celebration of World Cider Day bring us the joys of a freshly squeezed, chilled cider, perfect for any occasion!
25. Cider brings people together, and together, we celebrate the unique and diverse cider culture around the world. Happy World Cider Day!
26. Let’s festively celebrate the uniqueness of cider today. May your World Cider Day be full of love, happiness, and of course, cider!
27. The world of cider has risen in recent times, and we toast to its continued growth and prosperity. Happy World Cider Day!
28. Here’s to a day filled with friendship, storytelling, and the best-tasting cider from around the world – Happy World Cider Day!
29. Have a delicious World Cider Day, filled with crisp cider and unconditional love from those close to you.
30. Cheers to the world of cider, the memories and the moments that its crisp cider bring into our lives. Wishing you a lovely World Cider Day!


1. What is World Cider Day and when is it celebrated?
World Cider Day is a global celebration of the rich history and culture surrounding cider. It is celebrated annually on June 3rd.

2. How did World Cider Day originate?
World Cider Day was established in 2015 by the United States Association of Cider Makers in order to promote the cider industry and recognize its growing popularity worldwide.

3. What are some traditional ways to celebrate World Cider Day?
One traditional way to celebrate World Cider Day is to gather with friends and family and enjoy a glass of your favorite cider. You can also try new ciders and explore different varieties from around the world.

4. What are some popular cider brands to try on World Cider Day?
There are many popular cider brands to choose from, including Angry Orchard, Woodchuck, Strongbow, and Crispin. Try a few different brands to find your favorite!

5. How can I show my support for the cider industry on World Cider Day?
One way to show your support for the cider industry on World Cider Day is to visit your local cider producer and purchase their products. You can also share your experiences on social media using the hashtag #WorldCiderDay.


As we celebrate World Cider Day, we wish that more people around the world could taste the amazing flavors of this refreshing drink. From traditional apple ciders to modern twists, the range of ciders available is truly remarkable. We hope that this day reminds us to support local cider makers, explore unique flavors, and cherish the rich history of cider-making. So let’s raise a glass and toast to the beauty and diversity of the cider world today!

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