Get Inspired This Passover With These Powerful Quotes 2022

This Passover, consider looking to some of the most powerful voices in history for inspiration. From civil rights leaders to spiritual teachers, these quotes can help you reflect on what it means to be Jewish and how to celebrate the holiday. Each quote is paired with a corresponding passage from the Haggadah, the traditional text read during Passover seders.

  • “Love and light to you on Passover and always!”
  • “I am grateful for my many blessings this Passover—most especially, for you!”
  • “I can’t wait to celebrate Passover with you again soon!”
  • “Let us honor our history on Passover this year.”
  • “Wishing you all prosperity, joy, and peace this Passover.”
passover freedom quotes
passover freedom quotes
  • “Joyful Passover dear friend!”
  • “Let us celebrate our freedom granted by God on Passover.”
  • Sending you my love on Passover. Have a wonderful day!
  • “Sweet Passover to all!”
passover freedom quotes
passover freedom quotes

Passover Quotes from the Torah 2022

Passover is a time of joy and family celebration. It is also a time to reflect on the powerful story of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt. The Torah, the first part of the Hebrew Bible, contains many passages that are read during Passover services. Here are some of our favorite Passover quotes from the Torah.

  • “Wishing you love and friendship on Passover!”
  • “May happiness be your companion this Passover.”
  • “Treasure your family and friends on Passover—Chag Sameach!”
  • “May you find freedom from negative thoughts and relationships this Passover 2022!
passover quotes from the torah
passover quotes from the torah
passover quotes from the torah
  • “Let’s celebrate the freedom of Passover together and honor our history!”
  • “Let us rejoice for life and freedom this Passover!”
  • “Keep your house free of chametz and your heart free of woe this Passover.”
passover quotes from the torah

Passover Quotes Funny 2022

Passover is a time of year when family and friends get together to celebrate their Jewish heritage. During the holiday, they eat a special meal called a Seder, and tell the story of how the Jews were freed from slavery in Egypt. While the holiday is typically a serious event, that doesn’t mean people can’t have some fun with it. Here are some funny Passover quotes to help lighten the mood.

  • “I hope you can join my family for the Passover Seder this year—thinking of you, you’re in my heart!”
  • “May your Passover celebration be filled with importance, love, and joy.”
  • “Wishing you kindness this Passover.”
  • “Passover is a special time of year; may it be full of symbolism for you!”
  • “I hope we can make matzo together this Passover; have a lovely day! (For Orthodox Jews: from one man to another)”
passover quotes funny
  • “Let us rejoice in the traditions of Passover together!”
  • “May you remember the story of Passover and the meaning of freedom in listening to the Haggadah.”
  • “Sweet Passover to you all—may you find the afikoman! (For children)”
  • “All my love to you and your family on Passover.”
passover quotes funny

Passover is a time to reflect on the powerful story of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt and to be inspired by the courage and determination of our ancestors. This year, let’s also be inspired by the wisdom of the rabbis who have passed down these quotes, and try to live our lives with more compassion and mindfulness. Let’s also remember that we are all connected and that by working together we can create a better world for all. Happy Passover!

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